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Your in good handsZortex Orthotics is, at it’s core, a custom design and custom build orthotics company. We do not believe one size fits all or even one style suits all. We are a company specialising in custom orthoses for all ages, and the unique problems associated with each of these groups. Our work ranges from cranial remoulding headbands for babies to foot posture supports and everything in between, for rehab, sports, trauma injuries and disabilities.

Zortex Orthotics' Stuart Kerr has been providing custom designed and built Orthopaedic products, plus a range of off-the-shelf braces and supports, for over 30 years. Stuart and his professional and experienced staff will ensure you receive the best of advice and care.


Custom Design

Custom Design
We specialise in individually designed orthoses (braces) for all ages ranging from day 1 to seniors. Whereas some pre-designed orthoses adequately manage problems, this is seldom the case for paediatrics, seniors or the population prone to skin irritation.

Custom Bracing

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Specialising in custom designed orthoses (braces) means that the range of Orthoses we provide is extensive, ranging from cranial remoulding headbands for babies to foot posture supports and everything in between. A significant proportion of our clients are referred for spine associated problems, be it for the management of spine curvatures such as scoliosis, post operative management or for the treatment of trauma.

Scoliosis & Spine Bracing

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Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional deformity of the spine with a curve greater than 10 degrees. It affects between 1% and 3% of the population.

In 2008 Zortex Orthotics introduced to Australia the first truly dynamic scoliosis brace, The SpineCor Brace. Until this point only rigid bracing was used to manage scoliosis. Rigid braces still have a significant part to play in managing adolescent scoliosis but the dynamic SpineCor Brace claims to have many more positive features not only for the infant and adolescent but also for adult scoliosis management.

Sports Support & Bracing

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A large range of predesigned braces are available to manage sports injuries to enable a quicker return to your sport. Each brace is individually sourced and comes with full professional back up and support.

A complete range of foot orthotics are individually designed and produced from flexible supports for sport to slim and rigid for school and business. All come with full backup and support.


Not all products can be, or even need to be, custom produced by Zortex Orthotics. We use a combination of custom built plus off-the-shelf products. We have stringent quality assurance programs and procedures in place to ensure that products provided by Zortex Orthotics are of the highest standard.

Zortex is an accredited provider for:

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Stuart Kerr

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The principal Orthotist and Director of Zortex Orthotics, Stuart Kerr, has had more than 30 years experience designing, producing and providing orthotics.

Stuart’s career started at the Children’s Hospital Camperdown where he developed his passion for custom designed orthotics and working in paediatrics. His accumulated knowledge and experience saw him become Director of Orthotics at The New Children’s Hospital Westmead before becoming a director of Zortex Orthotics.

Stuart believes that orthoses should not be pre-conceived items that all look the same but designs that are produced to meet each and every individual’s needs. This idea is the driving force behind the Zortex Orthotics Philosophy.

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Our Technicians

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To produce orthoses to such a high standard and to provide a prompt and professional service, you need experienced Orthotic Technicians.

The team of technicians at Zortex have more than 20 years experience producing custom designed orthoses. Such a wealth of experience allows us to have the confidence to expect quality orthoses. Along with the quality orthoses there is also a quality back up service with repairs and alterations on site, and available while you wait.

img_0684We are very excited to announce that Physiotherapist, Susan Bailey, has joined Zortex Orthotics. With over 20 years experience treating children and young adults with Cerebral Palsy Susan is a terrific addition to the team.


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Cerebral Palsy Alliance Central Coast

Orthotic Clinics held 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month
Contact details
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
, Tuggerah Business Park,
6 Teamster Close, Tuggerah, NSW 2259
T +61 2 4356 6327
T +61 2 94385003
E info@zortexorthotics.com

Visit the Cerebral Palsy Alliance website

Gosford Hospital

Orthotic Clinics for outpatients every Thursday
Gosford Hospital

Contact details
Gosford Hospital
Orthotics Dept, Level 3 outpatient
Holden St, Gosford NSW 2250
P + 61 2 43203172
P + 61 2 94385003
F + 61 2 43205449
E lisa.haidley@health.nsw.gov.au
E info@zortexorthotics.com

Contact details as above apply for emergency and inpatients for Central Coast Hospitals
-Gosford Hospital
-Wyong Hospital
-Woy Woy Hospital
-Long Jetty hospital

Visit Gosford Hospital website

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Canberra

Orthotic Clinics 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every Month
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Canberra

Contact details
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
5 Ross Smith Crescent, Scullin, ACT 2614
P + 61 2 94385003
P +61 2 6199 0600
E info@zortexorthotics.com

Visit the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Canberra website

Cerebral Palsy Alliance Allambie Heights

Orthotic Clinics 1st Tuesday of every month
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Allambie Heights

Contact details
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
187 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights, NSW 2100
P + 61 2 99758097
P + 61 2 94385003
E info@zortexorthotics.com

Visit the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Allambie Heights website

Royal Newcastle Centre

Scoliosis Clinics every Thursday 2-5pm
Contact details
The Royal Newcastle Centre
Scoliosis Clinic Southblock Outpatients
Lookout Rd
New Lambton Heights NSW 2305

P + 61 2 94385003
E info@zortexorthotics.com


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