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Zortex Orthotics is a custom design and build orthotics company. We do not believe one size fits all or even one style suits all. We specialise in custom orthoses for all ages, and the unique problems associated with each of these age groups. For custom and compassionate orthotic care, give us a call today!”

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When I noticed my sons Plagiocephaly/Brachycephaly was becoming more severe (even after Physio) I contacted Zortex Orthotics. They were extremely professional and spoke me through the process of scanning to assess his head severity and potentially using helmet therapy to assist in correcting his head shape. There was absolutely no pressure to commit to a helmet after the scan, it simply gave us an indication on where his head shape was on the scale.

We decided to go ahead with a helmet and were very pleased with Zortex who sourced the helmet from Serkel, fitted the helmet and did monthly scans to monitor improvement.

Zortex were very quick to respond to any questions we had and happy for me to bring my son into their office for check-ups if there were any concerns with the helmet fitting. My son wore his helmet for 4 months in total and we are very happy with the results.

I would have no hesitation in recommending this service to any parent who is concerned with their baby’s head shape.


March 2021

We began to notice our sons flat spot early on and after our paediatrician recommended physiotherapy to correct it, we realised it wasn’t help at all!

Everyone suggested it would fix itself by a year old! This never happened and we decided we needed to begin the helmet therapy before it was too late to fix.

The Zortex team were absolutely amazing! There was no pressure at all to start the therapy! After the initial head scan his report was severe on the scale. We made up our minds straight away and began treatment.

Within weeks of the initial scan we received our helmet! Our boy was 13 months so we were concerned about him no coping with wearing the helmet but to our shock he had absolutely no issues with wearing it at all! The first night he wore it he slept through with out a fuss!!

Our treatment process took 4 months and we were so pleased with the results with our child now being in the mild/ moderate scale!

If you are sitting on the fence about getting treatment, I would suggest to do the helmet therapy it was a no fuss process and we will never regret that we did everything we can for our son!

Kelly Ferreira

October 2022

I was more than happy to learn from my Son’s Physiotherapist that Zortex Orthotics now had a Clinic in West Gosford making the Central Coast families to easily get their child’s Orthotics done locally, especially during the Covid times!

I am very pleased with their service right from booking appointments till getting the AFOs ready in 2 weeks time. Throughout this time, Sue communicated with me to understand my requirements for my child’s AFOs. They even happily accommodated my last minute request for the right Billy Shoes to fit the new AFOs.

I’m very happy that we can now avoid 2 visits to Sydney for my son’s Orthotics, especially during the lockdown and Covid restrictions in place.

I can happily recommend Zortex to other Central Coast families to get their Child’s perfectly done AFOs through Zortex Orthotics.


September 2021

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Product Development

Zortex Orthotics is an accredited provider for:

Boston 3D System and the SpineCor Comfort Plus Brace

We are excited to announce that recent courses and meetings in Boston USA and York England has allowed us to make available in Australia the most recent innovations in scoliosis bracing. The Boston 3D System and the SpineCor Comfort Plus Brace.

Plasters for Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) are no longer needed

Zortex Orthotics is proud to announce the arrival of the ARGUS 3D Capture Rig that is specifically designed to produce Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFO) splints without the need for plaster casts. The ARGUS is produced locally and can take a 3D Image of a patient’s leg instantaneously, then using specifically designed software and 3D printing technology can fabricate a perfectly tailored AFO.

1. Brand new technology
2. An AFO can now be printed using state of the art scanning technology
3. Scan in an instant and print the AFO in no time

Plasters for an AFO are no longer necessary. Available at Zortex Orthotics now.

Experienced Team

Stuart Kerr

The principal Orthotist and Director of Zortex Orthotics, Stuart Kerr, has had more than 30 years experience designing, producing and providing orthotics.


Stuart’s career started at the Children’s Hospital Camperdown where he developed his passion for custom designed orthotics and working in paediatrics. His accumulated knowledge and experience saw him become Director of Orthotics at The New Children’s Hospital Westmead before becoming a director of Zortex Orthotics.


Stuart believes that orthoses should not be pre-conceived items that all look the same but designs that are produced to meet each and every individual’s needs. This idea is the driving force behind the Zortex Orthotics Philosophy.

Our Technicians

To produce orthoses to such a high standard and to provide a prompt and professional service, you need experienced Orthotic Technicians.


The team of technicians at Zortex have more than 20 years experience producing custom designed orthoses. Such a wealth of experience allows us to have the confidence to expect quality orthoses. Along with the quality orthoses there is also a quality back up service with repairs and alterations on site, and available while you wait.


We are very excited to announce that Physiotherapist, Susan Bailey, has joined Zortex Orthotics.


With over 20 years experience treating children and young adults with Cerebral Palsy Susan is a terrific addition to the team.

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