Flat Head Syndrome


Flat Head Syndrome is a cosmetic concern that is clinically known as either plagiocephaly or brachycephaly, depending on a child’s head shape and the location of the flat spot. The Helmet Therapy program at Zortex Orthotics is designed as a cosmetic process for gently rounding the skull.

We use specialised 3D imaging equipment and related software to assist with the awareness and monitoring of Flat Head Syndrome. Our custom printed helmets are used to treat babies generally between the ages of 4 – 13 months who present with some form of asymmetrical head shape when other treatments have not been successful in correcting or halting the progress of asymmetry.

What is the process?
On your first visit we will introduce you to our team and have you complete a brief questionnaire outlining your discovery of the asymmetrical head shape and any methods used so far to correct it.

After discussing your concerns and your own unique journey coming to Zortex, we will take a 3D image which will give us the most accurate data available. It is a camera using white light, so there are no safety concerns. It is just like taking a picture on your phone, but it uses white light to capture a 3D image. Our software will interpret the data and provide us with highly accurate information. We will also use the image as the template for helmet manufacturing should you decide to proceed with Helmet Therapy.

Does my child need a helmet?
Our aim is to give you as much accurate information as possible for you to make an informed decision on whether Helmet Therapy is for you or not. You can plot the information provided on a severity scale chart to compare results and help you make your decision.

Not everybody continues with Helmet Therapy after the first visit. Some just want the data, and some use this information as a comparison with a repeat 3D image in 4-6 weeks’ time.

The decision is always yours.
If you do decide to proceed our team at Zortex will begin the process of designing and printing your baby’s helmet.

How long is the treatment?
After the initial visit we review and up-date the initial 3D image frequently. The follow up reviews allow the parents and clinician to compare results with the initial 3D image, monitor progress and assess the fit of the helmet.

Completion of the treatment is ultimately a parent’s choice. This choice is generally taken after discussions with relevant health professionals, reaching a point of satisfaction with the head shape and the potential for future change.

read what people say

Skye said…..

I would have no hesitation in recommending Zortex to any parent who is concerned with their baby’s head shape

Kellie said…..

The Zortex team were absolutely amazing! There was no pressure at all to start the therapy! After the initial head scan his report was severe on the scale. We made up our minds straight away and began treatment.

Julie said…..

I noticed my daughter’s Plagiocephaly at an early stage and I’ve been to a few paediatric physiotherapists appointments and have asked doctors and paediatricians around me about her head shape and they all have told me her head shape will fix itself as they grow older. I was very concerned by 9-10 months and by 11 months I didn’t notice any changes with her head shape despite turning her head while she naps during the day and sleep during the night and lots of tummy time in the early stages.