Sports Support & Bracing

Sports Support & Bracing BY Zortex Orthotics

A large range of predesigned braces are available to manage sports injuries to enable a quicker return to your sport. Each brace is individually sourced and comes with full professional back up and support.

In the past, immobilisation was often seen as the best care after an injury, however studies now show that safe mobilisation in the early period after injury can allow ligaments and bones to heal faster.

Joints that are unstable due to ligament damage benefit from extra supportive braces. Joints that are sore and ache from over use feel better in a warm mildly supportive brace.

With this knowledge Zortex Orthotics has been involved in an extensive effort to source the best sports braces from around the world in an effort to prevent injury and early retirement.

A simple brace can keep an athlete on the court.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can be caused by conditions affecting the soft tissue, ligament, or tendons that surround the knee joint and can vary greatly. Jumpers knee, runners knee and patella tracking are common terms for knee pain.

Zortex Orthotics has been providing custom design knee braces and specialised knee braces from all over the world for over 20 years

Self help measures, such as knee braces help in ridding pain, with aim to:
– Distribute forces away from tendons
– Control patella tracking
– Dampen impact forces
– Shift joint loading from painful areas
– Increase control in flexion and extension

Feet Pain

Individuals participating in sport and physical activity become more prone to injuries, particularly arising from poor foot posture.

These forms of injuries can be suffered through:
– Recurring ankle sprains
– Shin splints
– Tendonitis

Zortex Orthotics can assess and individually design a range of foot orthotics to improve posture and reduce the occurrence of lower limb pain and injuries.

Ankle Pain

Lateral ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries in athletes, impacting on the individual’s ability to participate in sport and daily activities.

Symptoms to treat include:
– Ankle Instability
– Continuous sprains/rolling
– Acute and chronic sprained ankles

Zortex Orthotics offers a range of custom and well sourced ankle braces to get you back to an active lifestyle.